Simply Succulent

There are people in this world who can talk to a plant or just walk by it and it brings forth the most beautiful foliage and blooms you ever did see. In fact, I know one such person – my mother-in-law. She’s amazing! I’ve seen her take an orchid, reduced to just the leaves and a couple sticks with one shriveled up flower left, that someone discarded into the trash can … only to re-pot it, love it, and watch it bloom into the most gigantic, thriving orchid ever!

Then, there are people like … me.

I could walk by a plant and I swear it will shrink back and shrivel up within minutes. Like my mere presence is toxic to plant life. Needless to say – I’ve never possessed the proverbial “green thumb”.

But then one magical day – all that changed. It was the day that I discovered … SUCCULENTS!

It is nearly impossible to kill succulents. That’s not the only reason I love them (though it’s seriously the front-runner of reasons). They are just beautiful. And there are so many different varieties. So many, that I’m beginning to run out room on my porch. This calls for a new, creative approach on where to grow / plant them.


Yeah – I’m feeling like a champ over here with me and my succulents. Though, I am going to challenge myself to once again try my hand at regular flowers as well as some of my favorite veggies (a bitter disappointment of the pas that I wish not to speak of).

So, while everyone else was spending the 4th of July holiday BBQ-ing or poolside – I was planting, re-potting, watering, and relaxing with these beauties …



not a succulent … but my attempt at growing other stuff too


this little bitty is growing thru the wood cover leading to beneath the house!