Kauai – Our Great Escape, Part I

Wow – so the Christmas busy stuff made finding even a few minutes to write nearly impossible. But here is my Kauai trip – part of it anyway, as promised …

When I say “our great escape” – I so mean escape. We were more than ready to get away from the stresses of work, family, and everyday life. Just didn’t know how much until we actually touched down.

Let me just point out that we’d had a few misconceptions about Hawaii. One being the expectation upon arrival.

MISCONCEPTION #1: you will be greeted with people dressed in traditional island garb with big smiles, placing flower leis (provoking the not-so-original joke about “getting lei-ed” right off the plane) around your neck wishing you a lovely vacation as Hawaiian music festively sends you off to your hotel.

REALITY CHECK: no locals dressed as locals, no ukulele being played in the background, no flowers with which to get lei-ed. No, none of it. Just a blast of suffocating hot, sticky air, mass confusion on how to get to the rental car place, and chickens … everywhere.

Once we got our vehicle and figured out the cell phone GPS – we were on our way to our new home for the week: The Kiahuna Plantation Resort.

Our first day was spent grocery shopping, checking in, making our temporary home our own, getting acclimated to our immediate surroundings in Poipu. We semi-planned our activities for the week.

Our first full day (Sunday), consisted of homemade breakfast on the balcony, a drive to Spouting Horn not more than 10 minutes up the road, a little shopping from a local outdoor market and relaxing on Poipu Beach.

The next day was going to be our big hike day (that we’d been planning for months) so we turned in early. This week promised to be an amazing time. The thoughts of home drifted far, far away.

Stay tuned friends. Aloha!


5 Senses Monday – Back to Reality

Late Saturday night my husband and I returned from our honeymoon – a week in Kauai. It was awesome in every way a honeymoon / vacation should be.

I will cover our stay in paradise, in segments, this week. But for now, I leave you with a 5 Senses Monday piece … a weekend review via the 5 senses.



SEEING:  the island of Kauai from land below and the sky above … my Kindle for 5 straight hours to make a long flight pass quickly … pictures and GoPro footage of our trip … red – it took FOREEEEVER for the shuttle to pick us up from the airport and then for the valet to bring us our car (spoiled-American problems) – it was midnight and I just wanted my own bed

HEARING:  the plane engines and the occasional pinging of the seatbelt sign … the screaming, crying 2 year old throughout the flight … the last of the chill Hawaiian reggae music before we left for home 

TASTING:  left over Kalua pork nachos reheated with scrambled eggs – a sort of Hawaiian-style chilaquiles (YUM-MEEE) … pretzels and green apple Rips – my in-flight snack of choice … chicken pad Thai from my favorite Thai restaurant 

SMELLING:  musty 😂 – after going from humid stickiness to a plane full of equally as musty human beings LOL … coffee from the bag I brought home as a gift for a friend … tropical flowers that I won’t be able to enjoy until we visit the island again

FEELING:  EXHAUSTED – ’nuff said … sad – I so enjoyed the time away. It was so overdue. The thought of going back to the worries of bills, stress of work, and the tiresome every day routine – just bummed me out. Yet … thankful and appreciative for the time away with my husband. It really was amazing.


drinkin’ our vacation-is-over blues away as we wait to board our plane

Stay tuned. More to come from Kauai. Aloha friends!