Accomplishment … or Lack Thereof

A work To-Do list a mile long. An In-Box that doth spilleth over. A pile-to-file equal to that in-box. Add in the constant interruptions, pressure of making up two and a half missed days from last week, and next week’s deadlines … and you have yourself a seriously diminished sense of accomplishment.


my desk currently (what you don’t see is my other desk and back counter)

That’s me today. I have been busy every single minute of this horrid Tuesday and yet have accomplished NOTHING. Not one item marked off the ol’ to-do list. Not a single task seen through to completion (though I’ve put forth every effort). Of course, blogging about it isn’t exactly helping the situation, now is it?  **she blushes**

Throwing in the towel folks … up goes the white flag … mentally checking out … put a fork in her – she’s done … callin’ the game on account of today sucks.



This is Lil’ Miss Sunshine, signing off … and holding out hope for Hump Day.