Summa-time Feels

From summer blooms to BBQ’s, beach blankets to camping trip prepping underway … I’ve got them summer times feels.

I live near the coast, though. So even though the calendar says the official start of summer kicked off over a week or so ago – the sun peaks through the marine layer only when it feels like it.

However, while I may never put away my winter clothes around here – I stay flip flop ready!

Bring on the the cherries n melon … beach bonfires … blue skies … playing in the garden … roller coaster rides on the Boardwalk … sundresses … toes in the sand … camping … river hikes … picnics n BBQs … strappy sandals … SPF 1,000 (ha!) – and let’s get our summer on!


Welcome Back Fall

Cuddle Season has officially returned!

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Bust out the cozy blankets, cold weather gear, and soup bowls. I am READY! Time to rock the beanies, scarves, and boots with tha furrrr (yeah I just said that).

And so begin the food and drink cravings:  pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, hot chocolate, albondigas (which I am sooooooooooo needing right now), baked treats. Of course with the ushering in of Fall means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. (Thinking too much on the holiday menu does not exactly curb the seasonal food cravings.)

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And then there’s the decorating! I’m a little behind in this area but it’s on the weekend agenda. Going to pull out all my pumpkins, scarecrows, owls, flower arrangements, and yummy smelling candles. I did however get a jump on my front door display. I was feeling artsy-craftsy in the worst way a couple weeks ago. What do you think?

The leaves are turning beautiful colors. (It’s so strange how something can be that stunning towards the end of its life cycle.) Now, if I could just get them to pick themselves up – I’d be winning.

Yes, this is definitely my most favorite time of year. My main objective this season – at least a few nights a week:  bake more, make more soups, cozy up on the couch with my blankey, my kindle, a cup of hot chocolate, and my honey. That right there is a recipe for relaxation folks.

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What are some of your favorite things about Fall?