Hey thanks for stopping by.

Why a mix tape, you might ask? Well, I have no real theme going on here (haha). It’s not a DIY blog – but if I have helpful tips, I’ll be sure to share. It’s not an arts n crafts blog – but I do love that stuff so you’ll see some of what I create posted here. It’s by no means a professional photography blog – but I take a ton of pictures and will share my life as seen thru my lens. It’s not a newspaper-Opinion-page type of blog but I’ll open up on how I feel and what I think. I’m not a foodie but I do love to cook and bake (and eat), so you’ll be sure to see some of that too.

I’m just sharing the life I live and love – a compilation of the places I go … the experiences I have … the things that touch my heart … the people who make an imprint on my life … and all that I find to be photo-worthy.

Disclaimer:  I tend to be a dorky goofball (and I’m good with that) … random and slightly inappropriate … self-dubbed “the queen of TMI” … gushy about the love of my life … if sarcasm were a sport – I’d be a gold medalist … continue reading at your own risk. **wink wink**


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