Let’s Go Get Lost Somewhere

Home-body. I’ve always been one. The idea of a road trip always sounded better in theory. Hell – week-long camp as a preteen / teenager was out of the question. A weekend trip away from home was about all I could stomach. Exploring other countries – a magical, untouchable dream … All because the comforts and familiarity of home were … well – comfortable and familiar.

Until I met my husband.

I would go absolutely ANYWHERE with this man. Shortly after we started dating he said something to me that would challenge my home-body mentality. He said:

“Let’s take off and go get lost somewhere.”


It didn’t matter where. Just pack up n take off – together. And we’re doing just that.

We have our first big trip coming up at the end of the month – our honeymoon. We’re gonna go get “lost” in Hawaii (figuratively speaking of course) … Kauai to be exact. Hiking, kayaking, scuba (jury is still out on this particular activity due to the shark factor), and zip lining. I realize it’s kinda cliché and touristy … and most everyone seems to have been there. But we haven’t and I’m stoked!


All I know is I’ve never been inspired to really go places. And since I’ve met the love of my life, I can’t wait to explore the globe with him. I look forward to this trip and pray that there are many adventures to come … many years of exploration and discovery on our horizon. I’m ready.




5 Senses Monday – November 7th

5 Senses Monday is a little piece of fun that I borrowed from my good friend Lauren AKA The Urban Hippie of theurbanhippie.wordpress.com … that she borrowed from another blogger … and so on and so forth.

It’s a weekend review via the 5 senses. I encourage u to play along 😁   It goes a little something like this …

SEEING:  My Raiders take the win over the ponies – RAIIIDDERRRSSS! … the first 10 minutes of Zootopia and then the back of my eyelids (could not stay awake) … my fall decor and feeling very into the season … cozy n warm in my cold weather jammies 

HEARING:  sirens and more sirens (what the heck is going on?!) … the loud neighbor lady who sounds like Mrs. Walowitz yelling for her dog – “Jaaaack” … my doggy bark at me because I took my attention away from him for like 10 seconds 

SMELLING:  pine-sol from my squeaky clean floors … pumpkin spice from a new candle … Juicy Couture perfume that my hubby bought for me (cuz he knows what I like)

TASTING:  cinnamon applesauce (I love cinnamon anything) … a yummy chicken Caesar salad … not-so-yummy spinach artichoke dip (mine’s better😜) … Applebees sweet Asian bbq sauce – totally de-lish  

FEELING:  extremely accomplished having gotten so many things domes around the house … excited for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday next to Christmas Eve) … feeling nervously excited for our upcoming honeymoon – nervous to be on the plane for almost 6 hours (yikes!) but excited to hike the mountains of Kauai and relaxation

All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing and accomplished weekend. I would call it a success. How was your weekend? Share in the Comments section!


Welcome Back Fall

Cuddle Season has officially returned!

Image result for hello fall

Bust out the cozy blankets, cold weather gear, and soup bowls. I am READY! Time to rock the beanies, scarves, and boots with tha furrrr (yeah I just said that).

And so begin the food and drink cravings:  pumpkin spice EVERYTHING, hot chocolate, albondigas (which I am sooooooooooo needing right now), baked treats. Of course with the ushering in of Fall means Thanksgiving is just around the corner. (Thinking too much on the holiday menu does not exactly curb the seasonal food cravings.)

Image result for waiting for thanksgiving like

And then there’s the decorating! I’m a little behind in this area but it’s on the weekend agenda. Going to pull out all my pumpkins, scarecrows, owls, flower arrangements, and yummy smelling candles. I did however get a jump on my front door display. I was feeling artsy-craftsy in the worst way a couple weeks ago. What do you think?

The leaves are turning beautiful colors. (It’s so strange how something can be that stunning towards the end of its life cycle.) Now, if I could just get them to pick themselves up – I’d be winning.

Yes, this is definitely my most favorite time of year. My main objective this season – at least a few nights a week:  bake more, make more soups, cozy up on the couch with my blankey, my kindle, a cup of hot chocolate, and my honey. That right there is a recipe for relaxation folks.

Image result for fall cozy

What are some of your favorite things about Fall?


At Last

… my love has come along.

Why have I been M.I.A. for the past 5 months-plus? I was planning a wedding and gettin’ hitched! I am now officially the Missus … the wifey. I’m officially – HAPPY. Genuinely, over the top happy.

The day could not have been more perfect. And the journey to the aisle, while frustrating at times with the different obstacles thrown our way, was enjoyable and exciting. I think the most nerve-wracking thing was making sure I fit in that dress! I’d gained 5 lbs. (nervous eating I suppose) leading up to the big day and was afraid I’d be busting out of the seams. But thankfully my butt and gut said “yes to the dress”. **sigh of relief**

Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove can tend to be enveloped in fog. But not this day. One of my best friend’s and our photographer (Libby Star Mays Photography) took this shot at sunrise:


perfect start to a new day … perfect start to our new life together

My mom, grandma and my aunts helped me with the final touches – zipping, straightening, assisting with boob tape. Not sure how I would have gotten ready without their help.

I was able to share a few moments alone with my beautiful grandmother, talking in her hotel room. I told her that I was finally happy. The look in her eyes told me that she knew I was. And I’m pretty sure that look also said she was proud of me … happy for me. My thoughts flickered to my grandpa and how I wished he was here to share in this day. That he, too, would have had that same proud look in his eyes. Notably also missing were my grandma June and Albert’s grandmother, Ma ‘Licia, neither able to attend. They would have made the day that much more complete. I kept all of this to myself, though. I didn’t want to make my grandma sad. And tears would only ruin the perfect make-up day I was having. (lol)

Five minutes to showtime …

Ette James’ “At Last” began to play, signaling that it was time to meet my soon-to-be hubby at that altar. Although, Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” would have been an equally appropriate song choice, what with the bus load of Asian tourists that ascended upon our ceremony – Nikons in hand ready to point, click and shoot. (Seriously, if you see me in some mail-order-bride magazine – I’m already spoken for.)

From across the park I spotted him – my handsome groom. The love of my life, waiting for me. I’ve never been so sure of anything or anyone in all my life. Have never loved and been so in love with someone the way I do and am with him. And to be able to see that same love in just the way he looks at me … ah – takes my breath away.



And just like that – it was official. Before God and our families.  The only time when 1+1 = 1. Our journey as husband and wife had begun … on a warm, late summer day, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a little spot called Lover’s Point.



The Lord has truly blessed me exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

Yes, at last my love has come along … my lonely days are over … and life is like a song.


Mr. and Mrs. Rubalcava

Please check out Libby Star Mays Photography at:


or at Libby Star Mays Photography on Facebook

Accomplishment … or Lack Thereof

A work To-Do list a mile long. An In-Box that doth spilleth over. A pile-to-file equal to that in-box. Add in the constant interruptions, pressure of making up two and a half missed days from last week, and next week’s deadlines … and you have yourself a seriously diminished sense of accomplishment.


my desk currently (what you don’t see is my other desk and back counter)

That’s me today. I have been busy every single minute of this horrid Tuesday and yet have accomplished NOTHING. Not one item marked off the ol’ to-do list. Not a single task seen through to completion (though I’ve put forth every effort). Of course, blogging about it isn’t exactly helping the situation, now is it?  **she blushes**

Throwing in the towel folks … up goes the white flag … mentally checking out … put a fork in her – she’s done … callin’ the game on account of today sucks.



This is Lil’ Miss Sunshine, signing off … and holding out hope for Hump Day.

A Penny for Your Thoughts

I’m a total people-watcher. Can’t help it. Especially when something about a stranger strikes me as funny or odd or out of place … or in this case – alone. And not just alone but seemingly lonely. Once they’re in my sights, I begin to wonder.

For instance, the other night we were having dinner out and I saw an older gentleman eating alone. Now I understand there are those who are completely comfortable enjoying a quiet meal by themselves. I’m not one of those people. While some people are fine with that, there are those who just look down … sad. This man from the restaurant struck me as a little sad and lonely. Couldn’t help but wonder if he’d come here alone because he wanted to or because he had no one to come with.

Then today, we went to enjoy the sunshine on one of the many beautiful beaches nearby. My people-watching skills in full effect. I saw two different men stop and just take in the awesomeness of the mighty Pacific. While they seemed to pondered life I began to wonder about each of them …

What brings him here today … alone? Does he prefer the quiet time by himself to think? What’s he thinking about? Is he remembering the past that has lead him to this point? Or contemplating a financial decision? Is this where he and his wife used to come walk together? Is she at home preparing dinner or has she gone home to be with the Lord? Is he simply enjoying a walk and a beer on the beach? Or are the waves of life crashing as thunderously in his heart as they are against this shore?


Perhaps nothing is wrong at all. But I’m curious nonetheless. I say a prayer for them and go back to my own pondering and contemplating. Wondering if anyone is observing me from a distance … guessing at what might be weighing on my mind.

5 Senses Monday – Weekend Review

So yeah – it’s Monday … again … already. Coming off a busy weekend that makes me wish for just oooonnnne more day off – just one. Okay – two … five. I vote to reverse the work-day / day-off ratio. Who’s with me?

It was a good weekend, though. (And I’m actually thankful to have a job to come back to despite the complainy opening paragraph.) Visited with my parents, my brother’s family, my gam-gam and a couple of my aunts. Didn’t take enough pictures, though. But here is my weekend in review via the 5 senses:

SEEING:  family that I don’t get to see enough … the blown-away look on my honey’s face when he walked into Bass Pro Shop for the first time ever (haha – priceless)


Bass Pro Shop … Disneyland for guys

… goodies everywhere and having to decide which ones I’d allow and which ones I’d pass on (though I allowed more than I passed hahaha) … the wheels turnin’ in my grandma’s creative senses as we looked through the floral aisles of Hobby Lobby – on the hunt for the makings of the perfect wedding bouquet

SMELLING:  all those goodies I was “seeing” – cakes mostly (someone stop me!) … my mom’s perfume and my dad’s aftershave (familiar scents of home) … onions and jalapenos in a homemade salsa

HEARING:  the lamest music on the radio (iPod-less and stuck with today’s “hits”) … my 3 year-old niece egging her doggy on, over and over, “Fisher come and chase me” – even after Fisher knocked her on her butt more than once (hilarious)

TASTING:  broccoli-cheddar soup (my fav) … carnitas tacos with mildly hot salsa … ham n cheese omelet from Mimi’s Cafe (reminding me how much better home-cooking tastes) … grandma’s lemon poppyseed cake (de-lish) 

FEELING:  relieved and grateful at the excitement and support of my family over our engagement … sentimental that my brother said he’d “be honored” to walk me down the aisle … grateful, while taking a victory lap of sorts, that my mom beat cancer – that the Lord healed her body … happy that my brother and my hubby-to-be get along so well that they went fishing together and plan on future fishing/camping trips … the love of family that reminded once again of the need for them


Inspiration from Rocky … she beat cancer. I got out from under some debt and well on my way to meeting a weigh loss goal. But like I said – my mom beat cancer. So with “Eye of the Tiger” playing we went up the steps of an old, beautiful brick building (the Haggin Museum) and celebrated with a Rocky-style fist pump. Love my mama.

Hope your weekend was great and your upcoming week even greater. Love to all.