5 Senses Monday – Back to Reality

Late Saturday night my husband and I returned from our honeymoon – a week in Kauai. It was awesome in every way a honeymoon / vacation should be.

I will cover our stay in paradise, in segments, this week. But for now, I leave you with a 5 Senses Monday piece … a weekend review via the 5 senses.



SEEING:  the island of Kauai from land below and the sky above … my Kindle for 5 straight hours to make a long flight pass quickly … pictures and GoPro footage of our trip … red – it took FOREEEEVER for the shuttle to pick us up from the airport and then for the valet to bring us our car (spoiled-American problems) – it was midnight and I just wanted my own bed

HEARING:  the plane engines and the occasional pinging of the seatbelt sign … the screaming, crying 2 year old throughout the flight … the last of the chill Hawaiian reggae music before we left for home 

TASTING:  left over Kalua pork nachos reheated with scrambled eggs – a sort of Hawaiian-style chilaquiles (YUM-MEEE) … pretzels and green apple Rips – my in-flight snack of choice … chicken pad Thai from my favorite Thai restaurant 

SMELLING:  musty 😂 – after going from humid stickiness to a plane full of equally as musty human beings LOL … coffee from the bag I brought home as a gift for a friend … tropical flowers that I won’t be able to enjoy until we visit the island again

FEELING:  EXHAUSTED – ’nuff said … sad – I so enjoyed the time away. It was so overdue. The thought of going back to the worries of bills, stress of work, and the tiresome every day routine – just bummed me out. Yet … thankful and appreciative for the time away with my husband. It really was amazing.


drinkin’ our vacation-is-over blues away as we wait to board our plane

Stay tuned. More to come from Kauai. Aloha friends!


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