5 Senses Monday – No Place Like Home

I went home for the weekend … spent time with family and friends. Of course, there’s just never enough time to see everyone you miss so much. Here’s my weekend wrap up via the 5 senses …

SEEING:  my mama, gam-gam, and my aunts over lunch … one of my nieces who I never get enough of … tree-lined streets adorned in red and brown and gold … lawns covered in fallen leaves (has anyone heard of a rake? 😂) … one of my best friends of 30 years 

SMELLING:  freshly baked apple pie (straight from the freezer section lol) … pumpkin spice breakfast muffin … Aquanet hairspray (yeah my mom still uses Aquanet)

TASTING:  the most DE-licious ribs … broccoli cheddar soup (one of my favs) … yummy avocado ranch dressing 

HEARING:  the same lame music over and over on every station (what happened to GOOD music anyway?) … Christmas songs playing in a department store that has already decked its halls … new worship songs and the Word while visiting a new church with my dad 

FEELING:  the warm fuzzies from another 30-year friend who gives the best most lovingest hugs ever … nostalgic, reminiscing our younger years … old – finding that my childhood friends have kids moving into their teenage years (WTF?!) … grateful to have the time, however limited, with my grandma and aunts, with my niece and my parents … silly with my mom while out shopping … homesick and sad to leave but excited to go home to my hubby

Im so thankful for the family and friends God has blessed me with. And there’s nothing like being able to go back home to the warmth of their love.


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