Let’s Go Get Lost Somewhere

Home-body. I’ve always been one. The idea of a road trip always sounded better in theory. Hell – week-long camp as a preteen / teenager was out of the question. A weekend trip away from home was about all I could stomach. Exploring other countries – a magical, untouchable dream … All because the comforts and familiarity of home were … well – comfortable and familiar.

Until I met my husband.

I would go absolutely ANYWHERE with this man. Shortly after we started dating he said something to me that would challenge my home-body mentality. He said:

“Let’s take off and go get lost somewhere.”


It didn’t matter where. Just pack up n take off – together. And we’re doing just that.

We have our first big trip coming up at the end of the month – our honeymoon. We’re gonna go get “lost” in Hawaii (figuratively speaking of course) … Kauai to be exact. Hiking, kayaking, scuba (jury is still out on this particular activity due to the shark factor), and zip lining. I realize it’s kinda cliché and touristy … and most everyone seems to have been there. But we haven’t and I’m stoked!


All I know is I’ve never been inspired to really go places. And since I’ve met the love of my life, I can’t wait to explore the globe with him. I look forward to this trip and pray that there are many adventures to come … many years of exploration and discovery on our horizon. I’m ready.




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