5 Senses Monday – November 7th

5 Senses Monday is a little piece of fun that I borrowed from my good friend Lauren AKA The Urban Hippie of theurbanhippie.wordpress.com … that she borrowed from another blogger … and so on and so forth.

It’s a weekend review via the 5 senses. I encourage u to play along 😁   It goes a little something like this …

SEEING:  My Raiders take the win over the ponies – RAIIIDDERRRSSS! … the first 10 minutes of Zootopia and then the back of my eyelids (could not stay awake) … my fall decor and feeling very into the season … cozy n warm in my cold weather jammies 

HEARING:  sirens and more sirens (what the heck is going on?!) … the loud neighbor lady who sounds like Mrs. Walowitz yelling for her dog – “Jaaaack” … my doggy bark at me because I took my attention away from him for like 10 seconds 

SMELLING:  pine-sol from my squeaky clean floors … pumpkin spice from a new candle … Juicy Couture perfume that my hubby bought for me (cuz he knows what I like)

TASTING:  cinnamon applesauce (I love cinnamon anything) … a yummy chicken Caesar salad … not-so-yummy spinach artichoke dip (mine’s better😜) … Applebees sweet Asian bbq sauce – totally de-lish  

FEELING:  extremely accomplished having gotten so many things domes around the house … excited for Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday next to Christmas Eve) … feeling nervously excited for our upcoming honeymoon – nervous to be on the plane for almost 6 hours (yikes!) but excited to hike the mountains of Kauai and relaxation

All in all it was a wonderfully relaxing and accomplished weekend. I would call it a success. How was your weekend? Share in the Comments section!



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