At Last

… my love has come along.

Why have I been M.I.A. for the past 5 months-plus? I was planning a wedding and gettin’ hitched! I am now officially the Missus … the wifey. I’m officially – HAPPY. Genuinely, over the top happy.

The day could not have been more perfect. And the journey to the aisle, while frustrating at times with the different obstacles thrown our way, was enjoyable and exciting. I think the most nerve-wracking thing was making sure I fit in that dress! I’d gained 5 lbs. (nervous eating I suppose) leading up to the big day and was afraid I’d be busting out of the seams. But thankfully my butt and gut said “yes to the dress”. **sigh of relief**

Lover’s Point in Pacific Grove can tend to be enveloped in fog. But not this day. One of my best friend’s and our photographer (Libby Star Mays Photography) took this shot at sunrise:


perfect start to a new day … perfect start to our new life together

My mom, grandma and my aunts helped me with the final touches – zipping, straightening, assisting with boob tape. Not sure how I would have gotten ready without their help.

I was able to share a few moments alone with my beautiful grandmother, talking in her hotel room. I told her that I was finally happy. The look in her eyes told me that she knew I was. And I’m pretty sure that look also said she was proud of me … happy for me. My thoughts flickered to my grandpa and how I wished he was here to share in this day. That he, too, would have had that same proud look in his eyes. Notably also missing were my grandma June and Albert’s grandmother, Ma ‘Licia, neither able to attend. They would have made the day that much more complete. I kept all of this to myself, though. I didn’t want to make my grandma sad. And tears would only ruin the perfect make-up day I was having. (lol)

Five minutes to showtime …

Ette James’ “At Last” began to play, signaling that it was time to meet my soon-to-be hubby at that altar. Although, Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi” would have been an equally appropriate song choice, what with the bus load of Asian tourists that ascended upon our ceremony – Nikons in hand ready to point, click and shoot. (Seriously, if you see me in some mail-order-bride magazine – I’m already spoken for.)

From across the park I spotted him – my handsome groom. The love of my life, waiting for me. I’ve never been so sure of anything or anyone in all my life. Have never loved and been so in love with someone the way I do and am with him. And to be able to see that same love in just the way he looks at me … ah – takes my breath away.



And just like that – it was official. Before God and our families.  The only time when 1+1 = 1. Our journey as husband and wife had begun … on a warm, late summer day, overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a little spot called Lover’s Point.



The Lord has truly blessed me exceedingly, abundantly, above all that I could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

Yes, at last my love has come along … my lonely days are over … and life is like a song.


Mr. and Mrs. Rubalcava

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