5 Senses Monday – Weekend Review

So yeah – it’s Monday … again … already. Coming off a busy weekend that makes me wish for just oooonnnne more day off – just one. Okay – two … five. I vote to reverse the work-day / day-off ratio. Who’s with me?

It was a good weekend, though. (And I’m actually thankful to have a job to come back to despite the complainy opening paragraph.) Visited with my parents, my brother’s family, my gam-gam and a couple of my aunts. Didn’t take enough pictures, though. But here is my weekend in review via the 5 senses:

SEEING:  family that I don’t get to see enough … the blown-away look on my honey’s face when he walked into Bass Pro Shop for the first time ever (haha – priceless)


Bass Pro Shop … Disneyland for guys

… goodies everywhere and having to decide which ones I’d allow and which ones I’d pass on (though I allowed more than I passed hahaha) … the wheels turnin’ in my grandma’s creative senses as we looked through the floral aisles of Hobby Lobby – on the hunt for the makings of the perfect wedding bouquet

SMELLING:  all those goodies I was “seeing” – cakes mostly (someone stop me!) … my mom’s perfume and my dad’s aftershave (familiar scents of home) … onions and jalapenos in a homemade salsa

HEARING:  the lamest music on the radio (iPod-less and stuck with today’s “hits”) … my 3 year-old niece egging her doggy on, over and over, “Fisher come and chase me” – even after Fisher knocked her on her butt more than once (hilarious)

TASTING:  broccoli-cheddar soup (my fav) … carnitas tacos with mildly hot salsa … ham n cheese omelet from Mimi’s Cafe (reminding me how much better home-cooking tastes) … grandma’s lemon poppyseed cake (de-lish) 

FEELING:  relieved and grateful at the excitement and support of my family over our engagement … sentimental that my brother said he’d “be honored” to walk me down the aisle … grateful, while taking a victory lap of sorts, that my mom beat cancer – that the Lord healed her body … happy that my brother and my hubby-to-be get along so well that they went fishing together and plan on future fishing/camping trips … the love of family that reminded once again of the need for them


Inspiration from Rocky … she beat cancer. I got out from under some debt and well on my way to meeting a weigh loss goal. But like I said – my mom beat cancer. So with “Eye of the Tiger” playing we went up the steps of an old, beautiful brick building (the Haggin Museum) and celebrated with a Rocky-style fist pump. Love my mama.

Hope your weekend was great and your upcoming week even greater. Love to all.


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