Restored Like New

Maybe you’ve heard the saying, “God is the God of 2nd chances … 3rd chances, 4th chances …”.  Or maybe you haven’t heard that. But I’m hear to tell you – He is.

I can be pretty lovey-dovey, mushy-gushy about my relationship at times. I’m in love – what can I say? I’ve found love with a man who loves me no matter my mood … no matter my short-comings. A man who respects me. Who adores me. Who would do (and does) anything for me. I’ve found a man who puts himself – his own needs and wants, aside to tend to mine. If there’s a such thing as a soul mate – he’s it. We just fit. As if we were made for each other.

Soul mates? I think it’s possible. Made for each other? I believe so. We took some wrong turns before finally finding one another. I won’t drone on about my past relationships … about the broken marriage. They existed. They happened. They are part of my past. But this relationship – this bind, it’s on that next level.


I’ve been given a second shot at love. A second chance at a functional relationship. Another go at a solid union. And what I’m in awe of is that this “second chance” doesn’t feel a second chance. It feels as new as a first time.

The God of restoration strikes again!

The Word says …


And it is true. God loves you and me so much that He cares about the things that we go through … the things that hurt our hearts and the things that bring our hearts joy. His mercies are new everyday. He restored my broken heart and blessed me with a second chance that has all the newness of a first time. And I am beyond grateful.

I wake up every morning thankful for such a gift. Every time I look at my soon-to-be husband, I’m in awe of God and His love for me.


It took time to get here … the journey was long and more often than not – painful … heart-breaking. But Father God stepped in, healed my heart, set me back on two feet and I’ve been going forward since. WE’ve been going forward since. Together. The three of us – me, my love, and the Lover of my soul.

Thank you Lord for Your mercy and grace and unconditional love.

Thank you Albert for loving me the way you do.

And thank you blogosphere for letting me get that off my chest. You are free to go back to whatever you were doing before visiting my page (lol). As you were.




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