5 Senses Monday

A little backstory on 5 Senses Monday … my very good friend Lauren (you can find her at theurbanhippie.wordpress.com ) does this piece called – yep, you guessed it … “5 Senses Monday”. I loved reading it so much that I decided to do my own. It’s a fun way to do a sort of weekend review via the 5 senses (and of course pictures). My weekend review of the past few days goes a little something like this:

Hiking … hiking … and more hiking. haha  The gym isn’t as motivating for me as being out hiking, biking or playing a sport. My boyfr … err … fiance (insert blushing smiley face) feels the same way. This weekend was no exception. So we put on our hiking shoes, packed our backpacks, loaded up the dog and headed over to one of our favorite spots.


Hiking in Toro Park promises a number of trails, varied landscapes and amazing views. (That didn’t sound like an advertisement at all.)





a guy and his dog … well, my guy and our dog really 🙂



He goes almost everywhere with us. Zooms past us on every trail (show off). And apparently climbs trees.


Discovered Meyer’s Loop – a new trail for us and we loved it

SEEING: and discovering more of our favorite county park  … green hillsides, trails that seem to go on forever, lizards, cows, flowers beginning to bloom … blue skies all weekend … the movie “The Visit” (though I was on edge for parts of the movie, I’m glad we paid the Red Box price and not the outrageous movie box office price, just sayin’) … good friends that I haven’t gotten to spend time with in a long while over a meal … my godson who I don’t get to see very often 

SMELLING:  breakfast – glorious breakfast … burgers, carne asada and chicken on the grill … a lady’s stinky perfume which overtook the yummy breakfast smells much to my dislike … freshly baked cow pies on our hiking trail **gross** (I like prefer the smell of apple pies but what are ya gonna do?)

TASTING:  a delicious ham and swiss cheese omelet with avocado (and country potatoes which were a bit of a cheat … but I was okay with that) … cheeseburger lettuce wrap q-ed up with love by my honey

HEARING:  the high-pitched warnings of squirrels alerting one another of the presence of my dog … the creepy creaking of an old windmill that quickly turned our hike into what reminded me of a scene out of a scary movie … the chatter and laughter of girlfriends that I’ve so missed

FEELING:  tired and a bit sore after hiking 4 1/4 miles on Saturday and another 6 1/2 miles on Sunday … accomplished for getting in some good work-out time … a bit overwhelmed thinking of the work week ahead as well as the wedding planning for the next 7 months


my hiking/trail-exploring partner in crime


No hiking this coming weekend. Taking a break to visit the parental units. But we plan to conquer the high peak at one of our other favorite parks the weekend after that. Stay tuned.


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