Beach Cruisin’ … And Then Some

I have officially joined the beach cruiser ownership club. Okay, so there’s not really a club (that I know of anyway). But I did, in fact, buy my first beach cruiser bike and … I love it! It was a purchase based solely on the look and appeal of the bike – the nostalgia. It brings back childhood vibes and memories of hours of bike riding with the neighborhood kids.


You know what else I’m reminded of? Riding a bike as a child was a ton more fun and a lot less exercise than at this age. hahaha    Me:  “Aw man, I just realized we still have to ride back.”  Ah but it’s still fun even as a “big kid”.

I know they say that one never forgets how to ride a bike. And while that may be true of the “how-to” part … the balance part of the equation is never mentioned. I may remember how to operate a bicycle but over the years, I’ve lost the skill of balancing one. (No, I didn’t fall. However, I now have an understanding and new respect for the necessity of the ol’ bike helmet. Possibly also knee pads … elbow pads … full body armor perhaps)

That aside, it was a B-E-A-utiful day for beach cruisin’ this past Monday. My honey and I packed up the bikes in his jeep (top off … the jeep I mean) and drove over to Monterey. Sunny, warm, gorgeous Monterey Bay.


Monterey Bay here we come


2016-02-15 14.16.15

We made it from just before the wharf over to Lover’s Point Park. Took in the sights and sounds. Sat in the shade of a Eucalyptus. People watched. He proposed. I said yes. Rode back to the wharf and had lunch … screeeeeech – wait … what?  We people watched. No, after that. We had lunch? No, before that. Ohhhh – yeah … we’re gettin’ hitched. hahaha


until the wheels fall off baby

Needless to say, it was a great 3-day, Valentine’s weekend. Lovely flowers, yummy dinner, perfect weather to take out the beach cruiser, cherished time spent with the love of my life/best friend, and … diamonds. What more could I ask for?





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