Christmas Was a Rolling Stone … 5 Senses Monday


It always amazes me how the anticipation and ushering in of the Christmas holiday builds for months … planning celebrations, shopping for presents, decorating homes and trees, Christmas carols … and yet it’s gone in the blink of an eye.

All the busyness leading up to my fav holiday is the reason for my absence here in the blogosphere as I, too, was caught up in the holiday cheer and hustle n bustle.

Christmas has come and gone but I’m back in blog-action with a little Christmas version of 5 Senses Monday where I’ll share my holiday via the 5 senses (a little piece inspired by my friend, The Urban Hippie over at  … here we go:

HEARING:  bits of different conversations amongst family who gathered at my Grandma’s house for Christmas Eve … reggae and oldies jams on the car ride back to my hometown – not exactly festive music of the holiday but it’s what my honey and I listen to in the car together


Candy Cane Lane – Pacific Grove (as you can see, the first picture is our doggy’s expression of what he thought hahaha)

SEEING:  all the lights and front yard displays on Candy Cane Lane in Pacific Grove (one of my favorite things to do as a “big kid” with my love) … my aunts’ faces light up when they got the terrariums I made them (success) … both of my grandmas (so much love) … my beautiful nieces and being silly with them … Ted 2 – again, not your stereoptypical festive holiday movie, but entertaining nonetheless (though, FYI – not as funny as the first one) … the entire Salinas Valley from atop the highest peak in Toro Park – a hiking goal set and met


TASTING:  tamales and chicken mole made by my coworkers for our Christmas potluck (YUM!) … Starkbucks peppermint mocha frappucino (despite the 40 degree weather) … Grandma’s Christmas Eve feast that, this year, included mac n cheese! (doesn’t get any better than mac n cheese for me lol) … rum cake while visiting one of my besties … coconut water for the first time – one word for you: YUCKY … the best hangar steak from Elli’s (extra delicious because we were starving after an extensive 2 1/2 hour hike)

SMELLING: all that yummy food I was “tasting” (lol) … my doggy who even after having a bath – still smells like dog (go figure) … the sweet scent of a Yankee candle burning at my Grandma’s house 


3 terrariums created specifically for 3 different aunties (I wanted to keep them all)

FEELING: excited to see my mama … the soft fur of 6-week old puppies – a breed I’d never heard of called chi-weenie terriers (haha) … excited for my love to open the presents I got him knowing he’d absolutely love them (and he did) … nervous-excited for my aunts to open their gifts (the terrariums), hoping they would love them as much as I loved making them (and they did) … more than bummed that I didn’t get to hug the neck of a good friend who just lost her mom … overwhelmed with emotion as I hugged each aunt and uncle good-bye … accomplished after conquering the big mountain (bring on the next one) … exhausted as it’s been a busy week/weekend – a busy season altogether


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. By the grace of God we’ll get to do it all again next year!


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