Photo-a-Day Catch-up

Yeah … so this is exactly why I use an “I’m a commitment-phobe” disclaimer when announcing the newest month’s photo-a-day challenge. I just cannot seem to be consistent. haha  I’m good for a few days and then somewhere along the line – I fall off. LOL

HOWEVER … I’m attempting to redeem myself by playing a bit of catch-up with the photo challenge. Here we go …


Day 4:  RED … This is my favorite tree that I see every Mon-Fri on my way to and from work. I also snagged some of its leaves on an early Sunday morning walk. (This Samsung Galaxy S6 phone doesn’t do the colors justice – oh how I miss you iPhone / Hipstamatic)


Day 5: SACRED SPACE … a spot called “Inspiration Point” at my fav place to hike – Garland Ranch Region Park. Peaceful. Beautiful views. Quiet.


Day 6:  BEST BOOK of 2015 … hands down it was “A Dark Lure” by Loreth Anne White. I’ve always been in to the thriller/suspense genre. LOVED this book. I’d say it was a page turner but I’m a Kindle user soooo … “screen tapper”, perhaps? LOL


Day 7:  BRANCHES … branches overhead. Branches everywhere – taking in the scenery up at Inspiration Point.


Day 8:  5 THINGS ABOUT ME … (top left going clockwise) … born n raised here, I find comfort relaxing on the beach, Oakland Raider fan, can’t get enough of amusement parks and roller coasters, love this man more than anyone I’ve ever known

Stay tuned for today’s photo challenge:  FAV PHOTO 2015!


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