Fav Photo of 2015

Today’s December Reflections 2015 photo challenge is “Fav Photo of 2015”. Anyone who knows me knows that giving me too many choices is not a good thing. For example, the Cheesecake Factory has like 23 pages of menu and everything sounds good. I could be there for an hour trying to pick ONE thing from 23 pages of deliciousness! The local burger joint has like 5 options – I can handle that.

So when someone says, “Hey pick your favorite photo from this past year” … I’m like WTF?! I take so many pics it’s ridiculous. And to have to choose a favorite? Even more ridonculous. Not to mention that half the year they were taken from my iPhone and the other 1/2 with my current (crappy) Samsung Galaxy. I don’t even have my iPhone with me to access the first half of the year.

I was, however, able to narrow down the “favorite” contenders to what you see below:



  • Favorite selfie (probably took like 50 to get a good one (or is that just me?)
  • me making out with Bob Marley right in front of my boyfriend (this picture cracks me up every time I see it … cuz I make me laugh … hysterically
  • seagulls eating someone’s thrown out left overs (wouldn’t it be hilarious if the same lady who dumped that got dumped on by these same birds with her own dinner? ha!)
  • the love of my life
  • the fur baby of my life
  • a profile shot of me 27 pounds down (and counting)

But as I was scrolling through photos, narrowing down the list – only one stood out in my mind. Only one captures, for me, the joy in my heart and the place in my life that I am currently at.

It’s not a smokin’ hot selfie with the best lighting perfected with the X-Pro II or Valencia filters (shout out to Instagram). In fact, it’s not even remotely flattering (lol). If it weren’t for the fact that it’s one of those “a picture says a thousand words” type of photo, I’d probably be too embarrassed to post it.

But when I look at this picture, I see what it is to be really, truly happy. To share a relationship that is fun … that is laughter … that is love. It’s me and my best friend cracking up laughing at our own silliness, while “camping” in the yard back in April. We were so desperate to go camping but it was still too cold. We’d set up the tent and pulled out the sleeping bags and portable DVD player. (Unfortunately, just an hour in, we whussed out and went back into the warmth and comfort of the house. LOL)

So, this is hands down my absolute favorite picture of 2015:


“You can never fall in love with someone whom you never laugh with.” – Unknown

Thanks for stopping by. And heads up … tomorrow’s photo challenge is “Shadows“. Play along!


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