5 Senses Monday – Thanksgiving Edition

Another successful Thanksgiving down. It was a good one. This Turkey Day was filled with the 3 F’s:  food, family and football!

My extended weekend actually began last Wednesday. Prepping the day before is a major help, cutting down on the actual day-of stress.


day-before dessert prep

I got all of my dessert mini’s  done … stuffing made … veggies cut. Also got the house cleaned. Prep-day was a success.

Come Turkey Day, not only was I food-ready – I was football-ready. We bundled up (’cause it’s be fuh-reezing!) and headed out to the football field where guys (young and old…er) met up to relive their old high school football glory days. Needless to say, the “old…er” guys got their butts handed to them by the young bucks (most of which either still play or just graduated). My love muffin came away with some ugly bruises, a swollen finger and a hurt wrist. But boy was he pumped (lol). Already looking forward to next year.


Turkey Bowl

Everything turned out delicious where dinner was concerned. Of course, I was running around like a turkey with it’s head cut off (bahaha) so foodie-photo-taking was put on the back burner (insert corny pun here) until dinner was done and dessert brought out.


The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. No serious Black Friday shopping … just a quick in and out of a couple department stores. Otherwise, we stayed in and relaxed. Mostly due to the fact that we were fighting off the onset of a cold. My honey is trying desperately to get rid of a sore throat. I’m trying desperately to not get it.

We topped the weekend off with picking up a Christmas tree and pulling out the decorations. As well as heading over to the Christmas parade downtown.

And now … today – MONDAY. Ugh. So not motivated to do anything that doesn’t involve hot chocolate, a blankey and Christmas movies viewed from the couch. But since “reality bites” … how about a little 5 Senses Monday to kick off the week?

HEARING:  the shouts and grunts of grown “boys” on a Turkey Bowl football field … Christmas carols playing over the department store loudspeakers … the ooh’s and ah’s from excited kiddos at the local Christmas parade

SMELLING:  the deliciouness baking in my oven the day before AND the day of Thanksgiving … cinnamon-scented pine cones so strong it about made me gag … pine tree – from the one sitting in my living room waiting to be decorated

TASTING:  all the ol’ Thanksgiving staples … THE best caldo de res that I’ve had in a long time (was craving it and it hit the spot) … oregano oil (yucky) and echinacea tea (yuckier) as part of the homeopathic attempt at fighting the onset of a cold

FEELING:  tired in my body from fighting off the unwelcomed, would-be cold … hungry and then full, hungry then full (keep repeating) – pretty much all weekend … broken-hearted over the news of my childhood friend’s mom who is battling cancer, given only weeks to live … cold to the bone as it’s dipped down into the 20’s with daily highs of only 57 degrees

SEEING:  Christmas lights in the neighborhood and on floats at the Christmas parade … football games – on TV and just feet away from me … bits of “Home Alone” for the billionth time (ha!) … family and friends throughout the extended weekend

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Enjoy the rest of the holiday season folks!



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