Finally Up and Running

Finally. I have FINALLY gotten around to doing this “blog thing”. You have no idea the road it’s taken to get this off the ground. Which sounds so completely lame – I know. A blog. How hard is that, right? I’m always several steps (or years) behind the current fads. I’ve been told blogging isn’t as big as it once was. But that just seems to be how I’m wired so I’m okay with that. “How I’m wired” meaning …

Like when capri pants made their way back on the scene, I was like, “no way – those are ugly”. Couple years later – a whole dresser drawer dedicated to them. (Who needs a whole drawer of capri pants? Apparently this girl right here … the Imelda Marcos of jeans and capri pants.)   When the “Twilight” series came out … heard a few keywords that turned me off – “vampires” and “love story”. I was like, “seriously sounds way lame – not my deal.” Couple years later – blow right through the entire series in exactly 14 days … including resting the books on my lap, under my desk during work to read when no one was looking (pathetic, I know). Kept hearing of this TV show about a dork squad called “The Big Bang Theory”. I was like, “that can’t possibly be funny”. Couple years later and several days of catch-up episode marathons – I was hooked like a fish on a lure.

My point here is – I’m seemingly always late to the party … but I eventually get there.

About 4 years ago I wanted to start blogging. I mean … I was super excited about it. I was in a bad place in life and just really needed the creative outlet. Needed to write. Needed to share. Blogging seemed like a fun way to do that. My sister-in-law over at (check her out) had one and I was so inspired by her writing and photo-taking abilities (girl’s got skills) that I wanted to do the same.

Alas, it was not to be. Someone stood in my way. Squashed my creative bug. Just stamped out any passion I had for writing and blogging. However, a couple years after that – the blog-blocker was removed. It took another couple years to recoup and get those creative juices flowing again and … well – here I am!


And who knows – maybe I will get totally bored of it after a month or so and move on to something else. Or maybe I’ll love it and actually stick with a hobby longer than a couple months. haha   Either way, I can finally say I did it. Better late to the party than to be a no-show.

Anyhoo, thank you for stopping by. Hope you enjoy. As I said on my “About” page – It’s kind of a blog about everything and nothing (lol). But so was Seinfeld – and that show was pretty successful. So, if you don’t enjoy reading it, well … NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Later skaters.


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